Smiling Down

December 2007:

Reachel accepted the role of full time homemaker, Thanksgiving Day 2007. The subtraction of her executive title and its accompanying stress and responsibility left her feeling wispy.

Yet gradually, she’s felt the weight of her home responsibilities settling in her pumps. There was never a doubt about Reachel’s dedication to womanhood, but fitting in amidst a culture of toddler playdates and minivans with a puppy and a mini cooper, was just as difficult as climbing the executive ladder in a skirt ever was.

But she has been making progress. All the Bagley’s closets are cleaned: the excess has been auctioned off online or donated. With the help of her sewing savant of a mother in law, Reachel has even altered a skirt. And her bread baking efforts have finally found a yeasty success.

In recognition of her devoted efforts on the homefront, Andrew presented Reachel with her very own company car. A Passat Wagon, complete with a full cargo bay, and heated seats (which Reachel believes is essential even in Arizona).