Ashley & Kara
Reachel & Andrew Ashely & Leisel  

The Bagley Black & White Gala - December 2007/January 2008

The Annual Bagley Family New Year's Eve Party Plan
8ish - 9ish pm: Open Bar (Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers, and Mojito Mocktails)

9ish - 10ish pm: Fondue Dining (Fresh Vegetables & Rosemary Olive Bread with Grùyere Cheese; Shrimp, Chicken, and Sirloin with Hand Prepared Sauces; Seasonal Fruits with Semi Sweet Melted Chocolate)

10ish - 11ish: Game Potpourri (2007 Survey, Telephone Pictionary, Celebrity Charades)

11ish - 12ish Balloon Send Off: New Year's Resolutions were determined, tied to balloons, and released as 2007 expired and 2008 was born

Get the full photo album on the even on Andrew's Anti Blog: Thomas Tells All

Becky & Richard
Roger, Emily & Morris

To those who couldn't attend: Rob & Jean Bagley, Heidi & Van Hemeyer, Jason & Jill Bagley, Jarom Bagley, you were sorely missed.

To our good friends who joined our family: Roger & Emily Childers, Clint & Sarah Hosman, your presence was appreciated.