April 2006: When we found out our cute dish
scrubbie crocheting next door neighbors were moving, we made an offer
on their historic brick house with a slate roof. We sweetened them up
with Reachel's homemade cranberry muffins and heirloom apple sauce, and
they were happy to sell us their home of over 50 years for for about
far less than market value (unfortunately the
deer are moving north for the summer-they wilt in the heat). In order
to carry both mortgages we needed to show the lender that we had
renters for the rental property. And the Lord is sure good to us, because a young family in our ward just told Reachel (w/o
knowing that we we're buying a rental property) that they're looking
for a house to rent in our neighborhood for exactly what we wanted to
rent our new house for.