One of Reachel & Andrew's favorite diversions is exchanging master planned community dreams. In this game, you get to choose not only the architectural aesthetic and materials, but also all the shops that would surround your suburban colony. Reachel's designs always include a small bakery, vegetable and fruit stand, florist, and boutique shopping, each in their own shops, which you can enter directly and be acknowledged by name by the proprietor. So going to the Cambridge England open market was essentially living a dream. Fresh fruit with hand-mad signs telling you not to press it, the smell of artisan bread filling the air, a shop entirely dedicated to cheese, all along cobblestone line streets.

In the mean time, Andrew was receiving his own epiphanic visions. By careful deduction he concluded that although he and Reachel like traveling, and like shopping, they do not like shopping while traveling. Why you might ask, when such unique finds can be acquired to commemorate the experience? Because Bagley's are too fond of comparison and return shopping. Bagley's only get and keep things which they really, really want at a price they find acceptable. All the pressure of buying something truly desired for the best available price without a Consumer Report to reference was just overwhelming. They did however bring home a handful of tactile memories: a one of a kind hand designed blouse from the Cambridge Market and three postcard style prints capturing three of the five Cinque Terre cities.