June 2008

As part of the officious 2008, Discover Arizona Initiative, Reachel and Andrew finally traveled Route 66 to the Grand Canyon. They arrived on the West Rim, late Wednesday night. Their roadside, open air campsite left many comforts to be desired. But the cold, crisp view of numberless stars against the milky shadow of our own dear galaxy was its own lovely luxury.

Day 2 continued with a 13 mile hike into what the natives call Shangri-La. Andrew did not invite the Canon 20D to properly capture the misty wonder, so please refer to a much more talented photrapher, our dear friend, Wes Johnson for a fair representation.

From there, the happy campers ate choco-tacos in town (maybe village would be a more appropraite word), bathed in crystal cold streams, rubbed the belly of a friendly res dog, let's call her Bonnie,and basically laid on the breast of the earth while its warm breath washed over them.

Somedays Reachel and Andrew would like to leave the trappings of material life behind them and move back to simplicity. In the spirit of Walden, please enjoy this quote from Thoreau, "A man is rich in proportion to the number of things
which he can afford to let alone."