January 6, 2006: The always charming Stephanie Neilson, adoring mother of Jane, Oliver, Claire wrote,
"Dear Reachel I was thinking, today. Did you know that everyone out here in the east has a godmother of some sorts? Yep that’s right-except us. So I was thinking of who I wanted my kids' Godmother to be. And Godmothers (so it seems) can’t be related to family. So I was thinking that since you have impeccable style and charm, maybe you, could you-will you be our godmother?
If you say yes, let me give you a guide on what godmothers do and stuff like that..."

And Reachel responded, "I just read my dream-mail, it was bordered in a hazy pink cloud of ecstacy. When I was done reading it, I bronzed it. I plan to make Andrew read it to me slowly every night at supper. Stephanie, I would adore being the godmother of your three superlative children. But up front I need to insist on being the godmother of all currently unborn, to be adopted, and spontaneously generated Nielson children as well. And is it possible to be a god-grandmother? We’ll need to talk through all the details post-maturation..."

And then they responded with the most darling detailed case files, complete with profile photos and binder clips, for each child, which will NOT be posted here because it has secret Godmother information which only Godmother's are privvy to. By the way I'm going to have 4 godkids soon! Hooray!!