Review of the Tempe, She-Rox Triathlon, May 10, 2008

Swim - 4 Stars

Reachel and her faithful training partner Sarah trained for and initiated the triathlon together. Calling the first event, a 400 yard open water swim in Tempe Town Lake, chaos would have been a kind euphemism. (The first-time triathletes wryly joked that Sarah may have unknowingly swallowed a dead pigeon. Reachel by contrast maintained her vegetarian diet by consuming only sea moss.) As the pullers extracted Reachel from the 72 degree water, her water-logged legs were grateful to once again press against dry land.


Biking: 2 stars
The biking portion started out strong enough, but on the second loop, Reachel cut right to avoid a rider, failed to see a sewer grate, and descended indelicately onto the road. Her front tire descended into the gap while she went over the handlebars. With 5 of 13 miles left, she kept her scuffed chin up, and pressed forward on two flat tires to finish the biking portion.


Running: 5 stars
Rejoicing to have finished the biking portion, Reachel transitioned joyfully into running. To keep her motivation, she paced alongside a 57 year-old women with a 6 pak any American Gladiator would envy.

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