Smithsonian 3.9.07

Most artists practice good branding. They discover their niche then they replicate it with unfailing consistency. O'Keefe had her flowers, Rothko had his rectangles, Pollack his splatters, and a new discovery - Jasper Johns made his name in primary colors and instruments of implementation. But a few defy even personal convention and reinvent themselves cyclically. Such is Picasso who went from figurative to abstract, expressionism to cubism. He escaped being categorically tied to any one movement and retained the spotlight as an artist rather than taking a side-reference to his art.

Free admission to several Smithsonians was an enlightening way to spend a weekday afternoon. Reachel and Andrew enjoyed Traditional Art, Modern Art,the Hirschon, the American Indian, the Air and Space, and the Natural History. They recommend eating at any of the Museum Cafes. The American Indian served indigenous food from each American region (NorthEastern Clams, Meso Quinoa, Western Maize), and in the basement of the Modern Art you can even get gelato.