June 2006:
When Reachel & Andrew first started dating, Andrew had a Honda scooter which he promised to let Reachel ride. However within days of making the promise and prior to fulfilling his obligation, Andrew sold the scooter knowing he would need to buy his newly acquainted soul mate a wedding ring.

Nearly 3 years later, Andrew made good on his promise by purchasing Reachel a vintage inspired Stella scooter. It's based on an expired 1960's Vespa patent, but it was built in 2004. Scooting is the perfect mode of transportation for antique shopping trips, gelato runs, friendly visits, and imaginary travel drives in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Reachel, previously an automatic-only driver, has her permit and can start and shift up to 3rd gear in heels. However, she feels most comfortable as a passenger. She's always been a better conversationalist than a driver.