Santa Cruz, February 2008

$1,000 per square foot and you too can live in one of the most beautiful zip codes you'll ever have the pleasure to visit. For a week, Reachel enjoyed trail running along romantic beach cliffs, received a chauffeured tour of natural wonders and wildlife, and had the pleasure of spending five sun misted days with her bosom friend: Amy Barragan. This smart, beautiful lady (in every sense of the word) was Reachel's neighbor until the draw of California overpowered Arizona's subtle charms. She now regularly corresponds with Reachel by e-mail with cadence and clarity which would turn Austen and Wolfe's heads. In addition to her accomplishments as a writer, she has a refined taste for interior design (Andrew and she can discourse on Mid-century Modern ideals for hours), appreciates the style and dignity of women like Grace Kelly, and trained herself in website design. Miss Amy also understands music, sewing, and puppies at a savant level. To learn more about her and see the beautiful purses which she personally designs and hand crafts, visit