July 2008: Portland, Oregon

When asked what city Reachel and Andrew would most like to reside, they consistently respond: Portland. What other city has maple doughnuts topped with bacon. Not that the vegetarian couple eats bacon, but appreciation for the edgy pastries is felt all the same. And speaking of vegetarian, very few cities rival Oregon's capital in catering to their herbivore palette. Not chain responses to hunger mind you, but rare and original restaurant experiences found only in the Rose City. Combine all this with verdant highway views, and how could a desert trapped Arizona heart retain loyalty.

Reachel and Andrew have already spent dozens of hours scouring neighborhoods (thanks to Jill for providing endless patience and an exceptional sense of direction) and when they dream, they dream of Lake Oswego. See the full Portland Photo Gallery for the self evident reasons. On the 4th of July the A&R Bagley family joined the J&J Bagley family for fireworks on the perfectly manicured shores of that enchanting neighborhood.