New Year's 2007 Survey:

Based on a survey of the Black & White Gala Guests

  1. Best Headline: Bush Still President, Betto Assassinated
  2. Most Heated Controversy: War in Iraq, Illegal Immigration, Global Warming
  3. Biggest Celebrity Scandal: Senator propositions model in airport restaurant, Spears pregnant at 16, Britney Spears Daily Life
  4. Funniest Moment: Miss America's globe comment
  5. Best Movie: Born Ultimatum, Elf
  6. Best Song/Artist: Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens Detroit, Madeline Peyroux
  7. Best TV Show: Office, Planet Earth, Studio 60, Pushing Daisies, 24
  8. Best Book: Blink, Eclipse, What to Expect when you're Expecting
  9. Best Gadget: iPhone, Digital Electric Pressure Cooker
  10. Best Restaurant: Chelsea's Kitchen, Le Grande Orange, Cibo, Bone Fish Grill, Rosa's