Jarom & Kara invited us to join them at their timeshare in Maui. We
had a great time surfing, sea kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. We
survived a 6.7 earthquake and a near drowning. The day after the
earthquake we foolishly decided to go snorkeling in the middle of a
storm. Andrew wore himself out early with a pulled hamstring from a
hike the previous day and was unable to keep up w/ Reachel. Jarom
went after Reachel but was unable to find her. The waves got to big
and after searching to the point of utter exhaustion Andrew returning
the shore certain that he had left his wife for shark bait. Jarom
called the lifeguards and coast guard and we waited and waited.
Andrew contiplated his horrible new life as a widower and promised to
do whatever Reachel wanted if she would someone find her way back to
shore. Finally after what seemed like hours the lifeguards spotted a
lone swimmer in an especially cut retro polka dotted swimsuit.
Andrew quickly retracted his orignal promise and modified it to do
most of the things Reachel wanted