While traveling, Reachel wore her iPod Nano equipped with the Nike Plus system, which simply equates to a fancy pedometer(but is awfully handy when training for marathons). While on vacation, the pedial couple averaged between 8 and 12 miles of walking a day. Their favorite constitutionals were along the rocky hillsides between the cities of Cinque Terre and between college grounds at Cambridge.

From Vernazza to Monte Rossa or Corniglia to Riomoggiore, the views of the oceans and vineyards were both emotionally and physically breathtaking.

Punting along the Backs on the River Cam in Cambridge, while their friendly guide Patrick, told interesting college trivia in a charming British accent was a welcome respite for weary feet.

Italians have no apprehensions in a swimsuit. Whether they're 20 and smooth or 65 and a bit bumpy they flaunt the beauty of their confidence. The water in the Italian Riviera was crystal clear and refreshing.