6 weeks


Maybelline Dixie The Lion Huntress - 6 Weeks

Andrew didn’t need to look twice into those two Georgia-bred brown eyes staring up at him, before he melted. I mean, have you ever held a 6 week old puppy in your hands? Andrew and Reachel had spent almost two years researching breeds and debating between Yorkshire Terrier companions and Chocolate Lab running partners. Dixie was neither, but her parents made the impetuous decision in 15 minutes, on the side of a Payson road, near an open truck bed.

6 weeks
16 weeks old: Dixie’s parents helped to bring down 4 bears and 9 mountain lions. Their progenitor generally preys on garden roma tomatoes and ankle flesh. But on one infamous trip to Pine, she attacked a box of rat poison. Frantic to save their recently acquired puppy, Reachel and Andrew searched for an open veterinarian’s office without avail. Knowing they couldn’t reach the valley in time, they resigned to return an hour later with only a bottle of vitamin K and charcoal. Half expecting to find their dog unconscious, Reachel was surprised when Dixie bounded out of her kennel. She quickly devoured the cheese laced antidote, and politely sat for more. Besides passing some incredible-hulk colored stool, she never showed any sign of eating remorse.

16 weeks
21 weeks old:
And Dixie loves to eat. If you carry a handful of cheerios around in your pocket you can get her to do about anything. Sit, stay, come, go to the bathroom outside, stop jumping on you. You’ll appreciate that last one should you come to visit Miss Mabel. She a treeing dog, and she often mistakes posterior limbs for trees, and I believe that must make the rest of you some kind of raccoon.