Reachel Joy

In two thousand, Reachel studied at Cambridge for a semester. Her days were consumed with comparisons between Bronte and Austen, modern art theory, and Aztec/Mayan Cosmology. Free time was spent biking between college gardens and eating british pastries. Her only regret was that she never had any one to share the experience with. As Andrew accompanied her abroad, the two relived history. They traversed the cobblestone streets and punted the college backs to uncover the depth of history in this enormously quaint historical gem.

Before crossing the pond home, Andrew and Reachel also stopped in London for a parting visit. Sunday morning, the ambitious couple arose and walked 4 miles into High Kensington to attend a Singles Ward Sacrament Meeting. It was worth every step. The pure testimonies born combined with fresh convert enthusiasm were spiritual invigorating and a perfect end to a delightful trip.


Andrew Backs