December 27, 2005: After a passionate fight about where they should dine, the sensitive taste buds of our favorite vegetarian couple celebrated their second year of marital bliss at Cowboy Ciao. While arousing their appetite on mixed greens tossed with heirloom tomatoes tossed in buttermilk pesto, they quizzed each other to see who could remember the most undistinguished memory from the last year (Reachel won).

Over pan-fried polenta with mushrooms they determined that they'd spend their destined affluent Christmases in Cambridge with the snow falling on cobblestones. Then jet down to Brazil to celebrate New Years in Ipanema watching the world’s largest Christmas Tree floating on Lake Lagoa.

While nibbling apart a Chocolate Peanut butter pot pie (think a chocolate soufflé cake with a peanut butter center accented with root bear candied peanuts) they determined the surrogate genes they most like to use, should traditional methods continue to fail to produce offspring, would be as follows: Brad Pitt (pre-philandering with Angelina Jolie) and Audrey Tautou.

Everyone should seriously consider finding a soul mate.