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about the couple
Contrast Set

competitive set
fortune 500 exec
competitive set
Outdoor Enthusiast
competitive set
Favorite Feature: Air Conditioning/Heating
Stereo System
Contour seating (feels like my office chair), unique appearance Interior layout- I can get to everything I needs to.
What's in your Range Rover?: gardening tools, groceries, service projects business papers, briefcase, laptop kid's stuff, shoes, clothes, sporting equipment
Length of Ownership: 1997-2004
2002-2004 (trades-in after a couple years) 2003 (on her third one)
Color: White Silver Black
My Other Car is a . . .: Hummer H3


Chevy Avalanche

Form of Payment: Cash



Repeat Purchase: No, it depreciated too much and there are too many of them on the road now



How it expresses my personality: Unique

Best of the best

Looks tough, but it really isn't

Why an SUV: 4-Wheel Drive

Large, high off the ground

Roomy, high off ground

Favorite Room in the House: Kitchen TV Room Back Yard
How do I feel when others see me: A little embarrased by how much I spent Comfortable, that I'm driving a unique car Like they're judging me because I drive a "gas guzzler," but I don't care
Where do I drive it: To see family

On long trips

Grocery store, Mall

To the office

To pick up clients

Best Selling Point: "They wouldn't update the car for several years

I get to feel like I'm driving a newer car for longer"

Unique, doesn't look like a Japanese car, prestigious Easy to put gear in, interior layout- where the controls are, I can reach everything I need to