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Historical Positioning: I am empowered to go anywhere in a Range Rover Range Rover has high-end super functional features Empowerment, Adventure
Express your individuality, you deserve a car that is as unique and accomplished as you are. You can own the rare original, everything else is a copy. Ranger Rover is its own class of vehicle with a distinct shape, unmatched features, and a rich history. Confident, unpretentious, mature luxury. Needs to communicate that you have arrived and you know it.
Strategic Goals: Keep a niche appeal, raise the image We do not want to raise sales, we want to raise price. If everyone owns a Range Rover, the brand will be diluted, as our users love the uniqueness of the product. It needs to stay niche.

By enhancing the Range Rover image, our sales of Freelander and the LR3 will increase. We want the lower-end Land Rover models to build volume for us, but the Range Rover really defines the Land Rover image and we want to keep it rare.

As current users “age out” of our target and move on to other products, they will be replaced by purchases of new arrivals in our target demographic. We want to ensure that existing users repeat purchase.

We want to build enthusiastic loyalty and improve satisfaction with those who own the product. We want to pamper our love group.

Tactical Goals: Reinforce/Refocus Range Rover does not recognize competitors. We are our own class of vehicle, so we will focus on our existing strengths and create new linkages to our core benefit of uniqueness.

We want to reinforce the functionality of our myriad of features, but we want to create a new linkage between super-functional and uniqueness.

We want to show that our customers do not just choose sparkle, they choose substance. They are elite not just because it is expensive, but because it appeals to a unique set of customers.