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Thou Shalt Not
Tone/Celebrity Thou shalt promote the Range Rover as authentic, legitimate luxury. If celebrity endorsements are used, they should utilize non-mainstream celebrities that are consistent with the unique, upscale image. Thou shalt not promote the Range Rover as a "Bling Bling" vehicle. We don't want showy/trendy mainstream celebrities promoting our car.
Features Thou shalt promote features that are innovative, cutting edge, and targeted towards early adopter consumers.
Thou shalt not promote superficial features (spinners, tints, etc.)
Tone/Experience Though shall focus on a unique experience in commercials. Though shalt not create a me-too, typical outdoor adventure commercial.
Co-Branding Thou shalt present Range Rover as an independent entity. Thou shalt not co-brand with Ford.
Advertising Channels/Methods Thou shalt push the limits of advertising and build the Range Rover unique brand by focusing on innovative forms of alternative advertising. Thou shalt not demean the brand value of Range Rover by taking easy advertising routes and associating it with anything crass or trashy, including sex and potty humor.
Pricing Thou shalt continually build the brand value and functionality of Range Rover to justify a premium price. Though shalt not lower the price of a Range Rover to make it more affordable.
Sales Staff Thou shalt have a friendly, intelligent sales staff in business casual dress. Thou shalt not have a pushy, inane sales staff in cheap suits.
Dealership Ambience Thou shalt present a unique, modern-classic luxury that is warm and inviting. And thou shalt keep the test-driving range. Thou shalt not present a flashy, smoke & mirror dealership.  Nor shalt thou cut costs and present a boring, stripped down showroom.